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Coming THIS SUMMER! 2022 Life Skills Development Program

(Click the flyer above for a full size printable download)

This new and exciting program consists of 8 weekly sessions of LIFE SKILLS Development and enrichment activities – or feel free to join us for one or two weekly sessions.

17 years of age & up

12 Summer individuals integrating with our Adult Day Training program (split among 3 classrooms)

Each classroom will have 1 Direct Support Staff, 1 Summer Support Staff and up to 4 teen volunteers (PALS- ages 15 & up).

Bring a cold lunch, refillable water bottle, and backpack daily

A monthly fee and outings may apply. Additional fees for morning/ afternoon care and transportation will apply if utilized.

Program Structure:

8:30-9:30- Welcome-Social & Coffee Club- Table talk

9:30- 10:00- New Heights Morning News

10:00-11:00- Morning activities

11:00-12:30- Lunch

12:30-1:00- Daily chores

1:00-2:00- Afternoon activities

2:00- 2:30- Pack up & departure

Program hours:

8:30 AM-2:30 PM Monday Through Friday.

Morning care provided from 7:00am – 8:30am - (space limited with additional cost) Transportation provided -from 7:00am – 8:30am (space limited with additional cost)

After program care from 2:30-4:30pm-(space limited with additional cost)

The summer program focuses on four new academies within our Adult Training Program:

Our Communication Academy

We will learn to develop, enhance, and improve our communication abilities by building our self-confidence through public speaking and sign language. By utilizing these abilities, we are helping ourselves to develop new friendships and new opportunities. We learn, develop, enhance, and improve our abilities to use multiple forms of art, added with our communication skills, to reflect our thoughts and feelings more accurately to others. Our new abilities to communicate with others will also open the door to how we can use technology as another tool to express ourselves to others.

Our Technology Academy

Our New Heights Computer Lab has touch screen convenience to help develop our technology abilities in basic computer knowledge, computer safety, and research skills. Through teamwork with fun, educational games, we improve our abilities to learn new job skills utilizing technology. We will develop administrative assistant abilities learn job skills as well as utilizing technology. This class will host our job skills training, as we learn how to navigate a job description and follow a task list. We also will research and highlight a career opportunity each week and learn about that career. By providing a daily New Heights news program working with the Communication academy to enhance our public speaking abilities. This will keep everyone current of the daily events, weather, facts of the day, and important daily reminders

Our Home & Life Academy –

In our Home and Life Academy will continue building our self-reliance, self-confidence and our independence by learning household tips and money management skills. For example, we will learn to use a microwave so we can make ourselves a healthy meal and a delicious treat. We will learn how to set a table, plus dishwashing and laundry skills, make our own bed, and how to complete basic household chores, to name just a few. We will also learn to grocery shop and manage our money by attending grocery store outings. This class will host our New Heights Coffee Club, as we take turns learning Barista skills by serving coffee from our coffee cart. This class will also host a cooking segment and host our monthly parties. By attending outings to stores or restaurants, we will practice how to grocery shop, our money management skills, ordering from a menu, and proper dining out etiquette.

Our Navigating the World Academy

We will be focusing on teamwork, fundamentals of leadership, social and behavior modification skills. Engage teaching skills in connecting, collaborating, time management, money management, and working together in a diverse setting, such as community outings and events. Participate with projects to give back to our community. Plan outings and projects to pay kindness forward. We will learn inventory skills by becoming the lead classroom to keep track of all our supplies and needs. This class will host our vending cart, where we sell snacks and utilize money management abilities. We will attend outings to shop for the needs of the program. By working together in a diverse setting, such as community outings and events, we will participate with projects to give back to our community, as we organize outings and projects to put kindness forward. We will also host events to collaborate with community volunteers to enhance our agency and provide volunteer opportunities at New Heights.

Registration opens soon! Contact Rebecca Aleman to hold your spot and for more information. Phone: 904- 396-1462 (ext. 116) Email:

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